Rehmaan : The Story of a Rebel


  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: The Alcove Publishers
  • Pages: 200
  • ISBN: 9788195173013
  • Author: Rohit Sharma
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When well – known journalist, Rohit is taken captive and kidnapped to a place unknown, he has no clue of what lies ahead. At the premises, in an unexpected conversation with Rehmaan; a notorious terrorist now, Rohit unlearns what he knew of him and listens to the story of a compassionate, sincere  boy from the Kashmir valley who took to guns after a  saga of torture, trauma, broken dreams and promises. 

The rebel in Rehmaan woke up to a series of incidents including his Abbu’s murder and treachery forcing Rehmaan to go back on his words given to his father. But, will Rohit write about the incident which changed the course of Rehmaan’s peaceful life to a turbulent one; seeking revenge and revolt?  Can Rehmaan avenge the wrong doings done to his family as he narrates the true heart – rendering story to the journalist? Will he be able to forget and forgive the real criminals and come back to live in a land where chinar blossom in fragrant air and apple orchards embrace you in peace? 


About the author

An entrepreneur, columnist and a social activist from Sainth, Jammu and Kashmir, Rohit Sharma is a writer full of compassion. His story telling style is simple, expressive and engaging. A lover of Urdu poetry, Rohit is also fond of sports and plays to unwind from his regular regimen. 

Rehmaan – The story of a Rebel is his first novel in English. Based on true incidents which happened over the years, Rohit was eager to write about the atrocities faced by people he knew and communicated with. Being a native of Jammu and Kashmir, Rohit has closely witnessed the political and social changes in the state. Having lost many friends in this shadow war, this book is a dedication to all those who left without telling their stories. 

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