In Memoriam


  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: The Alcove Publishers
  • Pages: 150
  • ISBN: 9788195173068
  • Author: Mafazah Sharafuddin
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Mafazah Sharafuddin is a 20-year-old poet and artist who is currently pursuing a degree in Journalism, Psychology and English. Having published “Labyrinth of Emotions”, her own anthology at the age of 16, she has continued to challenge herself by dismantling and reinventing poetry.

She creates not by following patterns but by disrupting them. Be it through words, ink, colors or palettes, she is known to conjure uncharted worlds. In the chaotic landscape of these worlds, readers have found a calm like no other.

This time she has extended a premium pass for you to see these worlds as she sees it. With poetry that questions more than it answers and art that taints the air with grief, joy, and the troubles of trying times, ‘In Memoriam’ is a much anticipated odyssey.



It has been a tough year. With a complex palette of isolation, fear, dread and loneliness, the emotions caused have given way to several different stories. Stories about loss and life. Stories about hope. Stories about endurance. These are mine.

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