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At the Alcove, each piece of work selected for publishing carefully undergoes crisp editing, precise proofreading and flawless formatting prior to publishing. We have a group of experienced editors to groom the creative work of the writers before it heads out for publishing. We are keen to associate ourselves with new writers.

Editing – Once the manuscript is approved, our team of editors work relentlessly with letters, words and punctuations to prepare the work for publishing.

Proofreading – To ensure that the final manuscript is devoid of any grammatical, typographical as well as formatting errors, proofreading is handled with utmost professionalism.

Cover Designing – The cover is the mirror-image of the manuscript. Our design team is proficient in conceptualisation and ideation.

Formatting – As interesting as the contents may be, all readers are influenced by the presentation of the text. We take up formatting seriously to ensure best results.

Printing and Publishing – After completing the various stages of creative handling, all original works will line up at the final junction – the Printing department. From here, the book leaves on a fruitful journey ahead.

MakeUp Room – Authors & Books

Open to all Authors & Books

Our exclusive Creative Promotions Wing goes beyond The Alcove and offers an elbow room for Authors who have published their work with other publishing houses as well.

A wing completely allotted to building the book’s personality, the copywriters in the MakeUp Room read the book from an extensive creative perspective to weave fascinating stories about the book. Promotions are inclusive of blogs, story ideas, posters, articles, poems, author interviews and other value- added services.  

While the Copywriters/Editors undertake a renewed approach to promotions, the MakeUp Room uncovers all intrinsic aspects of book publicity overlooked during publishing.

MakeUp Room Services

  • Creative content writing
  • Copy ads and posters
  • Out of the box campaigning strategies for the book
  • Building Author & Book outreach through Brand Building
  • Author Interviews
  • Book teasers/trailers
  • Book promotions in cities
  • Other value-added services

MakeUp Room lays a credible foundation for the author and their book ahead of its literary journey. Our slogan; “No good book should be left in a loop” impeccably embraces the MakeUp Room concept. 

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