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Editing – Transform your manuscript with our expert editing. Attention to detail and narrative coherence at the forefront.

This is our manuscript preparation suite which offers a meticulous journey of refinement for your literary work, ensuring it stands poised for submission with unparalleled grace. Commencing with a scrupulous accuracy verification, we assure the originality of your manuscript, safeguarding its integrity against the spectre of plagiarism.

Proofreading – Ensure perfection with our meticulous proofreading. We see to it that no typographical, grammatical or punctuation mistake escapes us.

Cover Designing – The cover is the mirror-image of the manuscript. Our design team is proficient in conceptualisation and ideation.

Formatting – From font selection to page layout, we craft the visual experience of your book for maximum reader engagement.

Printing – State-of-the-art printing technology delivering premium quality books that stand the test of time. Our books speak for us.

Publishing – Navigate the publishing landscape with us. Traditional or hybrid pathways tailored to the manuscript requirements.

Narrative Cove: Where Stories Get Their Spotlight

Welcome to the Narrative, our exclusive Creative Promotions Wing where stories transcend the written word. This isn’t just about marketing; it’s about crafting a narrative around your book that captivates and resonates. Our doors are open to authors from all walks of publishing, offering a unique space to amplify your voice, regardless of where your publishing journey began.

Services Offered in the Narrative Cove

Creative Content Writing: Dive deep into the essence of your story with our creative content writing service. Our copywriters immerse themselves in your book, crafting compelling narratives that capture the imagination.

Copy Ads and Posters: Grab attention with our visually striking copy ads and posters, designed to leave a lasting impression and draw readers into your world.

Book launches/ promotions in Cities: Take your book on a journey with city-wide promotions, making your story a topic of conversation in cafes, bookstores, and literary events across the map.

Connecting Authors to Book Fairs & Events: Narrative Cove lays a credible foundation for the Author and their book ahead of its literary journey. Our slogan, ‘No good book should be left in the loop’, impeccably embraces the Narrative Cove concept.

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