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At the Alcove, each piece of work selected for publishing carefully undergoes crisp editing, precise proofreading and flawless formatting prior to publishing. We have a group of experienced editors to groom the creative work of the writers before it heads out for publishing. We are keen to associate ourselves with new writers.

Editing – Once the manuscript is approved, our team of editors work relentlessly with letters, words and punctuations to prepare the work for publishing.

Proofreading – To ensure that the final manuscript is devoid of any grammatical, typographical as well as formatting errors, proofreading is handled with utmost professionalism.

Formatting – As interesting as the contents may be, all readers are influenced by the presentation of the text. We take up formatting seriously to ensure best results.

Printing and Publishing – After completing the various stages of creative handling, all original works will line up at the final junction – the Printing department. When the book is ready, it will set forth on a creative journey from TAP’s Cove.

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