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A distinctive, out-of-the-box team of The Alcove

We are 10 years into our journey and our roads are widely noticed for the new path we provide Authors with. Since our team comes from the ‘Tree of Fame’ of Writers, we have prioritized the perceptions, values and goals of the Authors and we work around their comfort zones.

When a need arises to polish the manuscript, our vibrant team from the concerned department [ Editorial, Design, Formatting, Printing or Publishing] takes the lead to
guide Writers for a highly satiating experience with the entire publishing process.

The Cove is Spacious

There is ample creative space vacant for the Writer at the Cove. We travel with them to present the ideal publishing experience for our writers.

The Innovative Alcove

  • An Author-Centric approach in the field of publishing
  • Teaming with Writers to discover the perfect route for the manuscript
  • Communication at its best at all stages of publishing
  • Creative posts, ads and campaigns for the book

The Core of The Alcove

Who We Are

Two writers – One from the central belt of Kerala where the beauty of her land beholds the beholder. And the other from the heart of historic Delhi which boasts of rulers like Prithviraj Chauhan.
Two extraordinary cultures. One shared passion – Writing. Irrespective of its caste and creed, love for creative works unites two authors to pursue a greater goal : More authors. Many books.
The birth of The Alcove Publishers is a vision of these mutually enthusiastic writers who aim to open up new ingenious channels for creative talents. Through this innovative venture, the message they want to convey is “Your time is Now.”

A few words about

Our team

Deepthy P Nair [DPN]


Deepthy has over 20 years of experience writing and editing content across various fields. An avid fitness enthusiast, determined runner, and free-spirited traveller, she channels her energy into living each day to the fullest.

Her passion for writing began in childhood when she wrote her first poem about nature at age 6. With a love of poetry and Shakespeare, she pursued degrees in Journalism, Literature, and Psychology at Christ University, followed by a Master’s in Mass Communication. This education paved the way for a copywriting role at a reputable advertising firm.

Seeking creative independence, Deepthy transitioned to freelance writing for web marketing firms, scriptwriting for films and documentaries, and blogging about fitness and travel.

Deepthy’s first book was a poetry collection in Malayalam titled ‘Atmadeepam’ (The Light of the Soul). Her debut English novel, ‘The Run Uphill’, pays tribute to the enduring human spirit, while her latest book, ‘The Last Love Story’, captures the beauty and romance of her native Kerala.

As a published author, Deepthy saw firsthand the challenges writers face in publishing, inspiring her to launch The Alcove Publishers to provide authors with a streamlined, creative publishing experience.

When not running, practising yoga, or watching movies, Deepthy heads the media department at Canserve Charitable Society, which provides emotional and financial support for cancer patients and families. She embraces her role as a Happiness Campaigner, and can also be found at www.whisb.com and www.talktodpn.com.

Puja Gupta

Creative Head

Puja is an avid bibliophile who developed a love for reading at a young age. She eagerly read her first Danielle Steel novel at 14 and went on to enthusiastically complete Steel’s entire collection of 141 books. As a voracious yet discerning reader, Puja is passionate about certain authors and genres.

After getting a business management degree, Puja built a career as an HR consultant in Delhi. However, her lifelong love of languages, literature, and writing led her to re-evaluate her path. During a break from her corporate career, Puja experimented with writing articles and poetry.

Puja’s first foray into writing was as a blogger. As a romantic, she wrote emotive Urdu poetry and published a collection titled ‘Jazba E Ishq’, featuring eternal love poems. Her first English book, ‘Ode to Spring – Begin Again’, contains inspirational life experiences and insights on living soulfully.

Puja joined The Alcove Publishers as Creative Director, allowing herself to pursue her passion while providing the company valuable expertise. She takes the ‘Author-Centric’ approach to the next level and has been instrumental in shaping this innovative approach. Her rapport with Writers is inspiring. They connect, share ideas and grow their craft with her.

She starts each day practising yoga. A staunch advocate for women’s rights and gender equality, Puja actively works to educate and empower girls. An enthusiastic singer, she also smiles at every opportunity and sings to her hearts galore.

Kaustav Thakur

Full Stack Developer, DevOps Engineer & Backend Operations

A freelance designer & developer with knowledge in digital marketing and brand building, Kaustav gives a unique touch to his designs using his creativity and diverse skillset.

At The Alcove Publishers, he does web design & development work, manages cloud servers and backend operations to keep the website smooth, up and running always.

Having experience in UI/UX Design, he builds products with a User First approach and the Design World Trend of Minimalism – Less is More.

Designing and Programming have been a part of his life since childhood. A geek and maker at heart, his hobbies include doing electronic projects and keeping up with the latest Design and Technology Trends. For him, knowledge is oxygen and he loves to learn new things everyday.

He is a people – person who loves nature and pets. And believes in giving back to the society through small acts of kindness.

Ambika Chandrakumar

Associate Editor

Books, books and more books is Ambika’s anthem for everyday  life. An avid reader  both in Malayalam and English, she diligently follows M T Vasudavan Nair, S K Pottekat, VKN, Nandanar, Basheer and Keshava Dev in Malayalam literature. During her college days, she read and re-read Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde(Importance of Being Earnest), Eugeine Oneill, Tenesse Williams(Glass Menagerie) and Virginia Woolf (To the Light house). 

Beginning her professional endeavour as a teacher, Ambika won the hearts of students with her friendly approach, broad perceptiveness and receptivity. The non-judgemental and open-minded attitude towards her work and colleagues makes her a top favourite at The Alcove. She did not consider herself a writer till our editor inadvertently took to poetry and surprised all of us with her flow and language. When not writing, reading or editing, she is busy in her cosy garden charting out nutritional goals for her veggies. Ambika is an animal lover, Kinginy and Lady [two kittens her son adopted] will live to be her flesh and blood. 

A cancer warrior, she is committed to the fight against cancer and provides time, energy and advice to Canserve charitable society, Kerala as the treasurer in charge and the guardian for innumerable patients who seek her guidance. With her wisdom she utters, “Do not invest too much in relationships, always hold back a little so that you can come out unscathed.”

Monica Prasad


The Founder of Artblossom Studio and the Art Coordinator for umpteen students at her studio, Monica took to art at a very young age. Her affair with drawings and pictures gained momentum with meditation. She used to practice it even during her childhood days. And that she considers a blessing in disguise.

Monica devotes her time to women and children who reach her for creative inputs and learning. It is her way to spread happiness all around. And that’s the reason why she chose The Alcove Publishers and agreed to stimulate the energies surrounding our publishing house. Apart from being a spiritual traveller through time, she is also a nature lover, a fun lover and a caring soul. Not to forget the Seeker instincts highly pronounced in her.

Purnima Dendukuri

Manager - Publicity & Promotions

An epitome of grace, simplicity and intellect – Purnima is a graduate from Sydenham College, one of India’s best Commerce schools. Born into a traditional yet progressive family she was always given the space to express herself and question the unquestionable while seeking answers to her conviction.

After a commendable stint with a leading CA firm, Purnima took to Consulting and advised clients on insurance and funds for a renowned brand (ICICI PRU). Her persuasion analysis and marketing skills took shape here.

Yet another recent experience which helped reveal her inner strengths of bringing together people, resolving real time crisis situations, event management etc. was her role as the Society President of an 86-apartment cum commercial complex inhabited by high end social bigwigs and brands. Purnima’s current engagement is volunteering with the Robin Hood Army, a pan India NGO which organizes collection of surplus food from restaurants, food houses etc. and distributes it tothe needy.

When she is not humming a tune or dancing a jig in her privacy, she draws children out of their world of gadgets and help them realise that admiring nature, reading books and sharing & caring with friends can bring them everlasting joy.

She cooks exotic dishes, travels to lesser known places and yeans to learn new languages [she is comfortable in seven Indian languages]. An ardent lover of books, Purnima looks forward to new horizons at The Alcove Publishers by adding new meanings to life.

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