Another Way of Life


  • Language: English
  • Author : Adv. Manoranjan
  • ISBN: 9788196447908
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Genre : Non-Fiction
  • Publisher: The Alcove Publishers
  • Pages: 210
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Is there a 100% cure for cancer and all other deadly diseases?

Yes, there is. 

This book is an interesting true-event-based storybook that explains and reveals the secret behind a 100% cure for deadly diseases. After reading this book, you will be one of the lucky ones who will get the secret to cure any disease very easily and free of cost. You can deal with your problems, and at the same time, you can become the Messiah of many, especially your friends, neighbours, and relatives.

It is so simple to save human lives but the present medical system is complicating things rather than simplifying them. The author explains hilariously, how your terminal illnesses can be self-treated and cured within 90 days.

The world is vast and the number of patients in this world is increasing day by day. Many poor people who are terminally ill die without access to modern medicine. But very few people in this world know how to easily treat any deadly disease without spending a single penny.

Yes, this book tells us how to deal with life-threatening illnesses without stress. This book is not any philosophy, but a direct experience of the author.

When deadly diseases knock at your door can traditional Indian medicine and other alternative treatments protect us by successfully treating those diseases?

Yes, it is very much possible.

The author learnt the art of treating patients from a guru in North India. This book is a collection of 16 chapters (true stories) that explain step-by-step, how to tackle health problems in 16 sweet and funny stories. The author assures that you will get maximum knowledge from this book on how to deal with medical nightmares.



Author Manoranjan hails from Ernakulam district of Kerala, South India.

After his basic schooling and pre-university studies he moved to Warangal in Andhra Pradesh, present Telangana state. He pursued a BSc in Poultry Science from Lal Bahadur College of Arts and Science at Warangal.

After the degree, he completed his LLB from the University College of Law Warangal. He further pursued a PG course in Advertising and Marketing from Bharathiya Vidhyabhavan, Thiruvananthapuram.

He started practising law in the early nineties. He was always keen on growth and new opportunities. So, after almost a decade of legal practice, he went to Auckland, New Zealand for an MBA in International Business from the Auckland Institute of Studies. He then joined Fairfax Group of Publication as a Business Development Manager and later switched to a Japanese company as National Business Development Head and Account Manager in the year.  After a few years, he left New Zealand to join an e-commerce auction platform cum listing portal in India and was the Director Operations. However, he came back to his basic profession and is currently a practising lawyer in the Kerala High Court.

The untimely loss of his parents to Cancer in 2005 and 2008, was a turning point in his life and he started this journey of looking at ways to a healthier life. Just before Covid-19 struck he went to Nasik, Maharashtra and learnt the art of treating without medicine. The treatment method was quite different from what the proponents of modern and conventional treatment doctors were practising.

Their motto is ‘Langanam Paramam Aushadham’ which means ‘Fasting is the Supreme Medicine’. After learning this simple but effective treatment technique he was keen on sharing it with the global community for their betterment and benefit. Therefore, this book is also dedicated to the global community.

Manoranjan presently resides in Ernakulam with his wife Preetha who is a homemaker and son Krishna Manoranjan, an Engineering student.


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