• Language: English
  • Author : Hermit Pen
  • ISBN: 9788196447915
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Genre : Fiction/Short stories
  • Publisher: The Alcove Publishers
  • Pages: 140
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Sitting on a bench under the magnificent yellow canopy of the enchanting Amaltas is a young woman tormented by an inferiority complex and struggling to survive an abusive relationship, a reticent receptionist in search of prince charming among the hotel guests and a gritty single mom looking forward to life with her soul mate, the tree in her garden. 

Giving them company on the other benches is a lovelorn young girl looking for true love, a middle-aged married couple on a sexual odyssey and an orthodox family scouting for a groom for their daughter in a cafe.

Standing around them are two Palestinian brothers conjuring up an outrageous plan to cheat destiny, a mother on a quest for her daughter’s wedding gharara looted in the riots, a desperate daughter of an ailing father with an offer she can’t refuse and an ageing doctor struggling to find time and space to mourn the loss of life and love amid the pandemic.  

Sitting on the ground over the yellow-green carpet of grass and Amaltas flowers is an assortment of common people with poignant yet profound #UltraShortStories.

Do these people sound familiar to you? Would you like to know them better? Hear their audacious tales? Sit with them for a while under the alluring Amaltas.

Amaltas is a collection of ‘Slice of Life’ short stories inspired by true stories.


Hermit Pen is a Gurgaon-based author. His debut book Nargis was a collection of short stories on contemporary issues and was much appreciated. His latest book Amaltas is a collection of ‘slice of life’ short stories and ultra short stories on diverse contemporary themes.

With a degree in Engineering and an MBA, the author works for a major consulting firm in a senior position.

The author fell in love with books at a young age but took to writing much later in life. Reading books had sustained him during a difficult phase of life, and now writing keeps him sane.

A vocal advocate of diversity, inclusiveness, equality, and pluralism, the author is an activist for social causes and a firm believer in Gandhian India.

More stories from the author can be read here:

The author is represented by The Book Bakers Literary Agency.

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