The Marie Biskoot & Other Stories


  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: The Alcove Publishers
  • Pages: 100
  • ISBN: 9788194991823
  • Author: Aritra Chakrabarty
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About the Book

“Because in the end we are not remembered by who we are, rather what we do.”

 [Hence, the characters of these 14 thriving stories do not carry a name] 

Aritra’s collection of stories, set in a sentimental temper talks about the human endeavour to provide meaning to what we distinguish as life. The events that pass through a routine day, create memories and act as catalysts to uphold the treasures [assets] of a mundane life. These stories, assorted from various facets of life focus on the minute details we conveniently miss, to reveal their importance while giving fuel to life. Each one of us will associate with the emotional element rooted in each one of the stories. It is a ‘time- travel’ in search of the hidden spirits which lie within. The reader is bound to get engrossed in the characters, the mannerisms and their vivid outlooks to life and beyond. It’s the hour to celebrate life with its unexpected blunders and pleasant charms with stories to hold on to. 

 About the Author

Aritra Chakrabarty is an author who likes to put words to stories that happen to us. His first publication was a collection of Hindi poems, “Khyaal, Kissey, Kahaniyaan” published in 2018. By his own admission, a story grows over time. It is a collage of images, which forms a cinema reel. The author in Aritra visualizes stories like watching a cinema, and then pens them down gradually over time. He is a social sector consultant by profession, juggling day-to-day life between client requirements and sleep. Travelling is part of his work, which helps him gather stories from different walks of life. On a sunny weekend evening, he can be found in Mumbai, loitering among the chaos, trying to pick up a story.

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