Chronicles Of Saptaloka: Book 1-Dawn Of The Tarrak


  • Language: English
  • Author : Neal & Rahul
  • ISBN: 9788197061073
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Publisher: The Alcove Publishers
  • Pages: 375
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Evil Is Returning To The Realms

For five thousand years the Seven Realms had lived in peace. The Great War had taken its toll, but everything was good now. However, the unexpected arrival of a student from the forbidden realm of Earth (the first and only such occurrence in thousands of years), happens at the same time as the return of Evil that was defeated in the Great War by the Five Founders.

Sid always wanted to have a normal life, however, what he got was anything but normal. His reality is shattered when on his eighteenth birthday he is mysteriously transported to a magical realm where he attends a prestigious college that trains the best students from all the realms in multiple disciplines.

Being the first from Earth he feels like an outsider, but this is where he finds friendship and loyalty, love and heartbreak, and learns how to use magic and magical weapons, to maybe one day become the hero he was always destined to be. 

The first in the saga of books delves into the magical realms of Saptaloka, and the prestigious college of ICOSA, where students are taught magic and wield the weapons of the five protectors of old. 

Will Sid overcome all odds and successfully fight the Evil that is returning? Read this fast-paced book that will take you on a thrill ride with flying horses, Giants and beautiful Apsaras.



Neal is a Biomedical Engineer who started writing short stories for himself from an early age. He is passionate about science fiction, and stories that take you to faraway lands and exciting new places. He is working in the clinical research industry creating advanced medicine to fight cancer and vaccines. He is an ardent follower of Indian culture and heritage, and always wanted to bring that knowledge and those stories to the younger generation by the way of fictional chronicles.

Rahul has done his Masters in Business Administration and works as a consultant. He is a man of science (not fiction) and believes in what can be explained. The birth of his daughter also gave birth to a storyteller who had to imagine and create multiple realities to encourage the curiosity of his daughter. Bringing the rich Indian culture to the new generation is a passion that led to co-creating the fictional chronicles.

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