Will You Kill, For Me?


  • Language: English
  • Author : Ashish Kumbhare
  • ISBN: 9788196447977
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Genre : Fiction/Thriller
  • Publisher: The Alcove Publishers
  • Pages: 310
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“Our Heart is but a wild creature and Our ribs… Our ribs are cages.”

How do you justify killing four men?

Vandalising God’s splitting image?

How do you make sense out of Madness? Order out of Chaos?

“Love,” they whispered.


The first corpse looks like an act of vandalism and torture but this simplistic nature of the crime is masked by the unusual cause of the victim’s death. The protagonist as the pseudo-perfectionist that he is, follows his instincts as far as he could reach, which leads him to three other murders all gravely committed under unusually similar circumstances. The web asdeep as dark as the dark web itself is fuelled by online on-hire assassins and the malignant reason to assign the protagonist to this very particular case. 

The story twists and turns tangled in deceit, and immoral scientific cell stem Experiments – 

An attempt to raise the dead. An attempt to play God.

The murderer is brilliant but more importantly, rational. 

His moves are calculated, and his motives are defined, and justified. 

His killing pattern – untraceable. 


The Antagonist plays in the shadows, and the protagonist fights the light both coming together to create a tale of love and of hate, of ingenuity and of reason.

Will You Kill, For Me? is based loosely on the age-old philosophical questions of love and morality. ‘Is it moral to kill for love?’ 

‘Everything is fair in Love and War,’ this story defines the ‘Everything’. 

The climax is one for the readers to choose – to justify killing or to justify love. 

This case must be fought like all historic cases had been fought – in the people’s court.



Ashish Kumbhare is a writer by passion and a software engineer by education. He was born and raised in Chandrapur, Maharashtra. Ashish burst on to the scene with his self-published ‘The Scrutiny’ which has had its fair share of appreciation. 

Ashish has also worked as a ghost-writer to numerous scientific journals and online research papers and also worked as a screen-writer. His writing has a hidden philosophical blend to it and his peculiar fascination with history is self-evident.

A vivid reader of the classics and a book collector he likes spending his free time among his many pets. You can reach out to him on Instagram and on email.

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