Nostos Homecoming – The Stoem


  • Language: English
  • Author : Afsana Badar
  • ISBN: 9788196447960
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Genre : Fiction/Novel in Verse
  • Publisher: The Alcove Publishers
  • Pages: 200
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All Peppercorn wants is permission.  Permission to pursue just one dream. The dream of conquering the skies.

When his loved ones oppose his request, will becoming a rebel be the only way out for him? Or will he be able to convince them in his favour?

Peppercorn finally sets on his journey of fulfilling his dream of clear blue skies. But soon an encounter forces him to acknowledge some new unknown emotions. And they are threatening his sanity!

Will these obstacles allow him to realize his dream of a lifetime to come true? 

Will Peppercorn be forced to surrender to life’s nuances? Or will he turn out to be the victorious hero in this internal war and in getting back home? 

 Find out in the lymerical NOSTOS Homecoming – The Stoem. 



Afsana Badar, a homoeopath lives in the nature-bound Mahdi Bagh Colony in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Having grown up in the lap of nature, she has developed an innate passion for writing about its beauty and wonders. 

Even though she chose medicine as a career, writing continued to be an integral part of her life, bringing her immense joy. She has been regularly writing blogs and articles and has also contributed content to online businesses as well as proofreading books. 

In March 2023, her talent was recognised when her short story titled ‘Quenched’ was published in Unwind Vol 4 of Quill Writers. 

Beyond her professional and writing pursuits,  Afsana cherishes spending her leisure time immersed in nature, enjoying activities like singing, listening to music and nurturing little animals and birds.

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