The Early Bird Series – An Anthology of Poems, Vol. I


  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: The Alcove Publishers
  • ISBN: 9788194326267
  • Pages: 120

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The Early Bird: About the Book 

Words from the freshly painted wall of thoughts –

dripping emotions n’ overflowing desires

find haven in the lap of the cove.

let them write, let them unveil their own path.

In a book filled with poems of varied emotions, holding the Anthology together are the writers themselves. Coming from different schools of creative upbringing, the aspiring writers pick on their favourite themes and deliver engaging works of poetry. The aspirations of the new writers’ bleed through the pages and add colour to their already evocative poetry. There is a new, refreshing scent to the words expressed by the poets.

The Early Bird Series volume 1 mascot [ Robin]

Often called the Spring Birds as they symbolise a new beginning, Robins are filled with passion for whatever they do. It’s their perseverance to focus, act and attain the desired which gives them the title ‘the divine bird’. Here, the literary firebrands inhale the ‘can-do’ attitude with their exuberant artistic style making the Robin a perfect mascot in this realm of transformation.

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