Glowing Silhouettes


  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: The Alcove Publishers
  • ISBN: 9788194326243
  • Pages: 120
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An amalgamation of unchained voices surpassing the troubled shadows of time – ‘The Glowing Silhouettes’ shines incessantly in hope and resurrection. Through this anthology of poems and short stories, the writers derive courage to touch upon the first dew of recognition and fame.

There are various emotions enunciated in the anthology through the power of love. And as the writing unmasks, the words become thought provoking, indulging and poignant, deserving every moment of glory.

Only these raw, radical, radiating echoes can act as tools of change.

And here are the writers, unearthing themselves through a book bounded by integrity and compassion. This anthology of poems and short stories marks the glowing beams of a darkened sky. They refuse to wait for an omen to break free.

The sentiments each work enflames are enthralling. This gripping book is held together by the young, enthusiastic, aspiring writers of today who glow like fireflies and guide us to a progressive life.

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