Worlds Collide: The City of Cyborgs


  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: The Alcove Publishers
  • Author : Saptarshim Borah
  • Pages: 230
  • ISBN: 9788195676002
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 A deadly and unpredictable battle ensues between humans and technology…

Tracer Lee, a fifteen-year-old orphan is forced to leave his orphanage after learning that Henry Magellan, an eccentric genius scientist is on his trail. Magellan pursues five mysterious interdimensional abilities, which Tracer gained from an odd meteorite that crashed into a forest. Eventually having to face Magellan and his arsenal of artificially intelligent cyborgs, Tracer must put his powers to good use, even going to the extent of making contact with extra-terrestrial beings to save his city from Magellan’s rampage.

Will he be able to win the war against an indomitable force?

Or will his abilities fall into wrong hands?

A desperate race begins to dominate the future…



Sapatarshim is 14 years old and hails from Mumbai. He studies at Hiranandani Foundation School, Mumbai in the 9th standard. As a schoolboy, he is interested in topics such as Artificial Intelligence and how it can change the future of human beings. Worlds Collide – The City of Cyborgs is his first book. When he is not writing, Sapatarshim spends time playing sports, reading and researching the domains of his interest.

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