Endless Tracks – An Anthology


  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: The Alcove Publishers
  • Pages: 120
  • ISBN: 9788195173006
  • Author: Sara Mammen Caleeckal
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 A woman, who survives tough times, harbours in her -limitless strength and boundless power. She has the ability to shape beautiful thoughts borne after resurfacing from the hardships and the struggles. Endless tracks is her journey through various phases of her life and the moods she has lived through. There is depth and character, turbulence and solace, a few sparks and some mindful jostling, all woven into thoughtful reads. The writer takes us through the lanes and tunnels of emotions and the ride leaves us drenched in soulful words. 

The creative pieces in this book essay how the writer views the changing scenarios she has been through, her take-aways and learnings, her tryst with life at various turns and the energy that kept her going through it all.


Sara Mammen Caleeckal has been a teacher of Mathematics and Physics for decades [Mumbai, Tanzania and Chennai]. Her love for literature overflows from the English and Malayalam poems she writes frequently. On a happy day Sara will set up an easel and paint and poetry takes over her on a day filled with gloominess. One of her poems, ‘Journey’ was published in the British Council Anthology.  

A prominent member of the Art Outreach Society [TAOS], Sara helps troubled juveniles and under privileged children through art therapy workshops. A cancer survivor, she is also a prominent member at Canserve charitable society, an organization assisting cancer patients who need emotional and financial support. 

A single parent to three children, Sara still enjoys working at the age of 80. She swims to relax her mind and addresses the importance of self-love for a positive body, soul and mind. She claims it to be her secret of youthfulness and happiness.  

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