Oddly Perfect


  • Language: English
  • Author : Sudeshna Chakravarty
  • ISBN: 9788197061011
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Genre : Fiction/Romance
  • Publisher: The Alcove Publishers
  • Pages: 350
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Itz Seriously Hilarious!

She looks like a Botticelli angel and he is the drop-dead gorgeous embodiment of Satan. She is sweet, cute and absolutely socially inept and he is arrogant, arrogant and more arrogant! Thatz Amisha Walia and Zeya… sorry Dhimaan Rohatgi.  Together they unleash a zany rollercoaster of a romance drama replete with outrageous bon ton scandals, juicy, messy gossip, predatory takeover moves along a cute mushy love story.

Amisha Walia (Ami to friends) was living her happy existence in the isolated world of work and books and loans to repay. Falling in love was a complete no-no. Emotional attachment made her nervous and brought in sad memories. But Dhimaan Rohatgi had to come and screw up her personal nirvana… mess with her CPU and make her fall for him. Why did he do that when he was hiding who he actually was! A pin-up boy of gossip columns and paparazzi’s favourite topic whose wild flings with hotshot models, actresses and heiresses make juicy, drippy hot page 3 gossip. Sniff… Amisha sadly realises she is not in his league and does everything she can to run away from him but alas! Dhimaan is unprepared to let her go.  A completely unputdownable, action-packed, uber-chic, haute monde drama ensues as Dhiman Rohatgi pursues Amisha Walia with his weird sense of romance!

Humour will go on an overdrive as Amisha’s brother suddenly re-emerges spicing things up. Then Rayirth Shetty the double agent and fifth columnist (according to Ami) mixes up between pipes and snakes and creates a complete ruckus; Rayk  Chatterjee gets completely sloshed and goes down on his knees to recite Lord Byron’s, “She Walks in beauty,” to Ami at the hotel lobby… Then of course there is the hot model Vivaan and last but not the least Zeyaan (Zen) Roy Kapoor… who is he by the way?

Fasten on your seat belts people. Get set to read Oddly Perfect. Romance never got better than this…



Sudeshna Chakravarty has had a two-decades-long career in journalism, working for a renowned magazine group where she took up multiple roles including Bureau Chief and Resident Editor of her location.

Writing short stories has been her passion. She had a few of those published in reputed dailies and publications. ‘Oddly Perfect’ is her first full-fledged novel.

Sudeshna lives in Kolkata with her family.

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